Dulcet helps people get rid of unwanted habits using the latest technology.


Negative habits affect most people around the world one way or another.

Dulcet was created to help people overcome their negative habits using the latest technology.

We're starting with hair pulling (trichotillomania) which is a problem for millions around the world.

But we have broader plans. Soon, we will tackle other body-focused repetitive behaviours (like nail biting and skin picking), as well as similar bad habits like knuckle cracking, nose picking, cheek biting and others.

Our Products

Hair Pulling (scalp)

Trichotillomania (or "trich"), involves the compulsive urge to pull out hair.

Facial hair pulling

Facial hair pulling is a type of trichotillomania affecting some men, which can lead to unevenness or bald patches.

Nail Biting

Onychophagy is a compulsive habit of biting fingernails. This can lead to unattractive or painful nails.

Face Touching

If you want to avoid face touching to prevent spots or face picking issues, this is the product for you.

Nose picking

Nose picking is almost universal, but societally frowned upon. If you want to reduce it, try our solution.

Dry Eyes

We all blink way less when looking at screens which makes your eyes dry out. Dulcet can help train you to blink more.

"Digital botox"

Unconcious frowning is a common issue for many computer users and can increase frown lines over time. Learn to stop doing it.

Knuckle Cracking

We can help you with learning to get rid of the knuckle cracking habit!

Something else?

Tell us what we should do next. If you can see it through a computer camera, we can do it.

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