No more skin picking

Track your skin picking through the laptop camera and stop it before it happens.

We help you stop picking your skin

Your skin's guardian

Dulcet vigilantly observes via camera, helping you become more aware of picking moments.

It really works

Noticeably reduces picking behaviour over the course of a few weeks.

Private and secure

Absolutely zero video tracking. The camera feed never leaves your computer - so no one can ever see it, not even us!

Why Dulcet?

Stops autopilot behaviours

Instant notifications break mindless picking, so you don't have to realise 30 minutes after starting.

No more damaged skin

Picking can result in skin damage that worsen over time. We help you control yourself.

Learn healthy replacements

We help you replace picking with less harmful behaviours and habits.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Is it private?
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